Street Sweeping & Cleaning


Residential street sweeping is a Town service that not only beautifies our streets and community by removing litter and debris, but protects our environment and keeps the storm drain system from clogging. Street sweeping reduces the pollutant load (leaves, pet/animal debris, heavy metals, oils, grease, sediment, etc.) to the river. In addition, material removed by street sweeping will not be able to block lines reducing the amount of flooding during heavy rainfall.


Butler Place
Main from Preddy's to 7-Eleven
W. Main Street
Belleview Ave
Cathedral Place
E. Nelson Street
Harper Drive
Moore Street
Newton Street
Porterfield Drive
Byrd Street
E. Main Street
N. Madison Road
Berry Street
Dabney Street
E. Washington Street
Montevista Avenue
Morton Street
Peliso Avenue

Caroline Street
Main Street
Madison Road
Landon Lane
W. Nelson Street
Tomlinson Court
Spicer's Mill Road
Sprouse Drive
Radney Road


Barbour Street
Brooking Street
E. Church Street
Landon Lane
Macon Road
Mill Street
Scott Street
Taylor Street
Blue Ridge Drive
Bus Loop
Jefferson Street
Black Run Road
Chapman Street
Grasty Street
Lindsay Drive
May-Fray Avenue
Robinson Street
Short Street
W. Church Street
Burgess Street
Hornet Drive
Williams Drive
S. Madison Street
Selma Road
S. Almond Street
N. Almond Street
Piedmont Street
Mimosa Lane
Mason Street
Marshall Street
Lee Avenue

Do Your Part

  • Don't sweep materials into the streets or along curbsides.
  • Remember to move your car on street sweeping day.
  • Call the Public Works Department at (540) 672-4791 if you have any questions.